3B - The Bavarian Beer Band

(Die Guten Nachbarn)

Bavarian / Oktoberfest  Music

Origin: Munich / Germany  

Culturally unique band

Music Made in Munich



The music band from Germany that provides original Bavarian folk and Oktoberfest-Music

The predictable success of a Bavarian evening or an Oktoberfest style event in a Hofbrauhaus has many culturally specific requirements. One of those requirements is a musically versatile, professional Bavarian folk music band.

Bavaria and Oktoberfest means eating and drinking accompanied with traditional Bavarian music, mixed with internationally renowned party rhythms.

The band “3B - Bavarian Beer Band” provides both original Bavarian folk music from the European Alpine countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as world hits live on stage.

In addition, we perform typical Bavarian entertainment including the use of uncommon instruments like bells and spoons.

All musicians in the 3B - Bavarian Beer Band play acoustic instruments (clarinet, saxophone, accordion, flute, piano, acoustic guitar) as well as electronic instruments (electric guitar, keyboard, E-piano, V-accordion). With the 3B - Bavarian Beer Band, you receive the benefit of hiring 2 bands composed of the exact same musicians. Our musical versatility allows us to provide both an intimate, immersive cultural experience with primarily unique folk music while guests are dining and  as well as leading the transition and establishment of an exciting, exuberant atmosphere with Oktoberfest party rhythms that guests will enjoy extensively late into the evening. We bring the sound and the Bavarian mood of the Munich Oktoberfest to the events where we are engaged.

Our stage wardrobe is original Bavarian style using short leather pants, Bavarian shoes and socks, shirts and occasionally hats with an eagle feather.

If desired we can play unplugged and unamplified.

We are ready to bring the unique Bavarian music culture to your event!


Dort, wo die Musik


HOW the music



Verspielte musikalische Häppchen, dargeboten in leicht absorbierbarer ohrobischer Form. 
Eingängige Musik als Imaginations-Unterstützung für ein erfolgreiches  Event bis hin zur Wies‘n-Stimmung. Verknüpft mit bekannter Musik, die die musikalischen Errungenschaften der Gegenwart aufzeigen. Es lässt Sie eintauchen in die schönen Träume Ihres Lebens, der Freude, des Genusses und des Spaßes.

Wohlklingende, bayrische Instrumente wie z.B. zeitgenössische Gitarre begleitet vom traditionellen bis hin zum swingenden Akkordeon. Anspruchsvolle Solostücke verbunden mit spontan improvisierten musikalischen Spielereien tragen künstlerisch die Programmfolge vor.

We perform playful musical appetizers, presented in an easily absorbable "earobic" form. Our catchy music provides joyful imagery helping establish the  Oktoberfest mood necessary for  a successful event. Including popular music in our repertoire, allows us to connect with each audience member allowing themselves to be immersed in beautiful dreams of their life, of joy, of pleasure as well as of fun.

Melodiously Bavarian instruments such as contemporary guitar are accompanied by the traditional accordion and swinging accordion. Challenging solo pieces are connected with spontaneously improvised musical phrases woven artistically through the program.

Musik, die

Atmosphäre schafft

Music that 




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